Why does Identity matter?

The digital world is constructed and built on ‘identities’. You leverage an ‘identity’ in almost every area of your digital life.  Workplace, Social Media, Banking, Shopping – these all leverage an ‘identity’ to present data, gather data, and publish data. ActiveIdM is Identity Focused and we are helping our customers drive their business objectives forward while providing identity and security platform services that protect and serve that mission.

Identity in an ever-changing landscape

The importance of an identity and security strategy has increased as more and more companies migrate to cloud hosted services. With our proven experience in Microsoft 365 (M365), Azure cloud and hybrid identity, and M365 security stack; ActiveIdM is uniquely positioned to assist our customers.

Our Relentless Pursuit of Security

ActiveIdM helps customers protect against identity breaches, detect breaches, and respond to breaches with a Microsoft-backed Security and Identity solution. We help the client leverage the following Microsoft products and services to develop solutions for a security strategy focused on identity and information protection:

  • Safeguard and manage identity
    • Azure Active Directory, Azure Key Vault
  • Detect and respond to identity-based threats
    • Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Protect against password attacks
    • Windows Hello for Business, Defender, and MFA
  • Manage Cloud Application Usage
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Protect against data leakage and exfiltration
    • Azure Information Protection, DLP, and WIP
  • Protect against malware and phishing attacks

Contact our team today to help you safeguard and manage your identities, detect and respond to identity-based threats, and protect against password attacks (including moving to passwordless technology).

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ActiveIdM is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in identity and security.

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