About Us

Our Mission

Helping our customers drive their business objectives forward while providing identity and security platform services that protect and serve that mission.

Our History

Since our inception in 2003, our primary focus has been implementing cost effective security and identity management solutions, including planning, architecture and design, coexistence and migration, and directory implementation to provide clients with unique identity management solutions. Active Identity Management (ActiveIdM) is a United States based company with the ability to provide solutions globally.

How We’re Different


ActiveIdM’s approach to client success starts with an understanding that every implementation is as unique as each client. We begin with a discovery process where your objectives and business requirements are discussed in-depth.


Our consulting and development services leverage industry best practices, provide in-depth planning, leverage leading edge architecture and design, provide coexistence to ensure return on investments (ROI) and provide collaborative training and detailed documentation.


Proven expertise in the Microsoft 365, Azure cloud and hybrid identity, and M365 security stack. Decades of experience in many business verticals and diverse markets. The integrity and character of our consultants speaks volumes and puts the customer first, while driving delivery excellence.


Our designs and implementations for identity and security lifecycle management are brought to life through unique and interactive customer involvement. In recent years, mobility platforms have extended data reach; we leverage Microsoft’s modern workplace management tools to protect identities, data, and assets.

More About Us

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Recent News

June 28, 2022

ActiveIdM Celebrates 5th Consecutive Year as Microsoft Gold Partner

August 3, 2021

ActiveIdM Celebrates 4th Consecutive Year as Microsoft Gold Partner

June 16, 2020

ActiveIdM Celebrates 3rd Consecutive Year as Microsoft Gold Partner

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